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In 2005 I was writing the score for Aage Rais-Nordentoft´s film," Cracks". For one particular scene he asked for a piece of music, that consisted of harmonies, and at the same time sounded not-composed. Music that just "was", like the wind in trees. Static, yet organic.

After days trying to write a piece that contained the desired qualities, I realised I needed to free myself from the ability to fully control the compositional process.

So after experimenting with various platforms, I came to think of the simple ability to trigger notes with my computer mouse in Logic Pro - which is the programme I use in the studio. And so I began scrolling the mouse over the screen, creating musical clusters.

After a 7-minute "take" of drawing notes - and recording it - I listened back, and realised I had created a piece of music, that I could never have composed using conventional techniques.

The piece holded a naive kind of mystique, that sounded like a search more than a finished piece of music. Eventhough the music was shamelessly easy to make, it rang an emotional bell, that felt attractive and worth dicovering. Also, it appealed to me, that it could never be repeated, as it was a sonic snapshot of the moment in which it was created

"non-composed music"

Mouse Music lacks the two most common practices in composition :

rhythm and harmonic development. 

Mouse Music is harmonic occurrences. 

The pieces are not written. They happen.

2 Preparations for Define Festival, Nov. 2017. Both are created from 3 loops of different lenght.

Audio source is a Roland 106.

In 1992, during a visit to Bali, I discovered javanese Degung music, which is built around repetetive variations of a 5-tone ”pelog” scale. This local music would be heard all over the island, and was a regular part of the sonic environment. The 5-note "pelog" scale could be heard for hours and days, and still remain fresh,  mysterious and stimulating, and so it became the harmonic backdrop of my 3 week stay.

I realized that a simple set of 5 notes hold an endless wealth of possibilities. That 5 good-sounding notes, stretched over non-fixed time, will become a long never-ending composition.

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